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National Commentary

At what point does crying "lynching" trivialize the word?

Lynching Imagery

“ ‘Demeaning" and ‘reprehensible’ were some of the terms used by those observing the use of lynching metaphors, which seems to be happening more often and crossing racial lines,” writes Jesse J. Holland.

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No, Mr. President. A "retainer" isn't a "reimbursement"

Trump Porn Star Legal Issues

“So why is Trump now contradicting himself and saying he reimbursed Cohen? The most reasonable answer is that Trump wants to signal to Cohen that he is trying to help him avoid criminal liability,” writes Noah Feldman.

National Commentary

On North Korea, Trump should refuse to take the bait

Trump responds

“History will judge Trump not by whether he won a Nobel, but by whether he was able to stop North Korea from deploying the capability to destroy an American city with a nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile,” writes Marc A. Thiessen.

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The Iranian deal is still a good bargain

Israel Iran

“The curbs on Iran are why Donald Trump's own defense secretary, James Mattis, has said it's in our national security interest to stay in the agreement,” writes Steve Chapman.

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Don't judge Latinos who patrol the border until you walk in their shoes

Trump Border

“In the end, Latinos will — as they always do — go through whatever painful personal travails are required to make it in this country, lending truth to the stereotype that they'll take any job to scratch out a better life for themselves and their families,” writes Esther J....

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Trump needs to walk away from talks with Kim, if necessary


“So far, Trump is saying the right things, both about turning aside an ill-considered deal and keeping up "maximum pressure" on the North,” writes Rich Lowry.

National Commentary

America needs a restoration of rhetoric

Trump Fist

“A guest at your dinner table like Wolf who profanely attacked other guests would be politely (or not so politely) asked to leave. A neighbor who ranted like Trump about Mexicans and the FBI would be avoided like the plague,” writes Michael Gerson.

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Trump's rhetoric on VA issues is misleading

Trump Michigan

It's inaccurate for Trump to characterize the allegations against Jackson as "Democrat" or to suggest that Jackson's nomination failed entirely because of them.

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The steep price of the Trumpian circus

Trump US Germany

“The circus that Trump has brought to town is nearly as much of a threat to a well-ordered political system as is Trump himself,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

National Commentary

Neutral arbiters of justice? Not when it comes to Trump and DACA


“If the judges get their way, there will, in effect, be two sets of law in America — one for President Donald Trump and one for everyone else,” writes Rich Lowry.

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